Ed Driscoll

Mr. Blackwell Meets Maureen Dowd

Betsy Newmark has some thoughts about Robin Givhan, the Washington Post’s political-fashion reporter (there’s a job that cried out for being created, huh?), a sort of cross between Maureen Dowd’s snarkiness, Mr. Blackwell’s fashion sense, combined with lots of dollar book Freudian analysis and the Post’s usual liberal pieties:

You might remember Robin Givhan. She’s the nasty reporter who commented quite snarkily on how Mrs. Roberts dressed her children just too perfectly in their pastel Sunday clothes to go to the White House when their father was nominated for the Supreme Court. And remember how critical she was of Dick Cheney’s choice of jacket at the ceremony at Auschwitz? I guess his jacket distracted her from the heavy thoughts about the Holocaust she might have had otherwise. But one administration official she has approved of in a fashion sense is Condoleezza Rice. Givhan was just breathless on the Secretary of State’s choice of black boots and the impression of sex and power. Apparently, Givhan approves if your clothes choice is reminiscent of The Matrix.

And, during the 2004 campaign, she felt compelled to agree with John Kerry that the Democratic ticket just had the better hair. She looked at the Republican hair do’s and concluded: Yech!

“Fortunately”, Betsy writes, “the American people don’t vote based on such cosmetological criteria”.