Ed Driscoll

Redefining Sovereignty

Over the weekend the galley copy of the new book, Redefining Sovereignty arrived. Edited by Orrin Judd of the Brothers Judd Website and blog we frequently link to (and profiled a few years ago), it’s currently scheduled for a November release. Orrin has collected speeches by as diverse a range of statesmen on both sides of the aisle as can be imagined–from Kofi Annan on the left, to Presidents Reagan and Bush (#43) on the right, and woven a fascinating narrative to interconnect them.

The blurb on the cover ponders:

Will the citizens of liberal democracies retain the right to determine their own laws and public policies or will they yield these rights to transnational entities in the quest for universal order and justice?

While waiting for Orrin’s book to be published, the very best quick overview of the concept of transnational progressivism that I can think of is the brilliant essay that Steven Den Beste wrote on the subject three years ago. And it makes a great de facto introduction to the concept of Redefining Sovereignty.