Ed Driscoll

Ill Will Hunting

On Friday, I linked to Evan Coyne Maloney’s post on the kerfuffle over the phrase “hunting terrorists” at Bucknell. He has an update today:

I have been in touch with Ms. Owens on several occasions and repeatedly asked her to give her side of the story. She declined to do so. I also gave her three opportunities to deny the account given by the students. Again, she declined to do so, and replied, “Although I appreciate your interest, in my interpretation that conversation was innocuous and cordial. I believe President Mitchell’s administration has been marked by attention to all points of view and political speech.” After point, she refused to respond to any further queries.

Still, even without Ms. Owens’ testimony, it is quite clear why these three students were dragged into this meeting. President Mitchell’s e-mail proves it. The three students, all of whom I spoke with independently, all give the exact same account of the meeting. And after trying to confirm these facts three times with Kathy Owens, she did not deny them once.

Now Bucknell is attempting to smear three of its students by implying that they’re lying. My alma mater should be ashamed of itself.

They’re far from the only school who should be these days, of course.