Ed Driscoll

From P.J. To P.J.s

In the post below, P.J. O’Rourke said, “I don’t think that a person is left wing or right wing according to whether or not they are compassionate”. Tammy Bruce is someone to whom that adjective certainly applies, and is finding herself, like many of the writers associated with Pajamas Media, with opinions that transcend those on both the far left and the far right. Her profile is currently attop the Pajamas Media homepage, and it includes this amazing quote:

In 1998 I took Bill Cosby’s wife to task for saying her son’s killer was “taught by America to hate black people.” Here you had a woman from one of the richest couples in the world — a person whose family has really experienced the love of the American people — making an outrageous claim. My calling attention to that was forbidden, and as a result I lost my radio gig at a previous station I worked for. There’s a reticence in dealing with racial issues because of racist attitudes that in many cases emanate from the black elite. The real racism is not what Mrs. Cosby imagined, it is in allowing the left to continue to condemn people of color to the ghettos of victimhood and marginalization.

Now that’s a soundbite.

(And to be fair, while I don’t know anything about his wife’s current opinions, Bill Cosby does seem to get the message these days.)