Ed Driscoll

Hubris, Thy Name is Europe

In Tech Central Station, Ilya Shapiro writes that “Like the bedraggled patriarch in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who can’t make sense of why his daughter would ever want to leave the fold, Europeans cannot for the love of Zeus understand why the world does not pay constant homage to their clear superiority”:

This European descent has very little to do with growing anti-Americanism — that is but a symptom — and everything to do with the inability (and unwillingness) to grapple with the internal contradictions of the European economic and social models. Look at Europe’s two latest political debacles, the EU constitution and last week’s German election. French voters rejected the former because they feared it would force them to change their anachronous ways, while their German counterparts punished both a socialist chancellor who deigned propose modest reforms and a would-be successor who wanted the country’s economic policies to make economic sense.

Shamefully, the European Union’s constitution did not fail because citizens blanched at a retrenchment of sclerotic Eurocracy (quite the opposite). Appallingly, Gerhard Schr