The Ultimate (If Rather Tiny) Tin-Foil Hat

Found via Mark Steyn, this excerpt from a Front Page symposium on Islamofascist suicide bombers contains a staggering detail I hadn’t heard before:

They expect to meet innumerable beautiful girls in paradise since all their lives they have been told to proceed directly there as reward for the martyr death. Needless to mention that there will be unlimited erections as well as hymens renewed constantly. Some of the Palestinian suicide bombers wrap their penises into fire-proof aluminum foil to save them for the pleasures to come.


Muggeridge’s Law strikes again! Think about it: If Stanley Kubrick were alive today, and planning to make a Middle Eastern version of Dr. Strangleove, there’s no way he or his writers would dream up such a detail, nor have the nerve to even include it in a movie if they did.

(Incidentally, don’t get the wrong impression: that Front Page article is actually a serious look at its topic, and is well-worth reading in its entirety, along with this great piece that contains first-hand interviews with actual would-be suicide bombers by Nasra Hassan, a Pakistan-born relief worker and journalist.)


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