Ed Driscoll

Questioning Google's Search Results

Dan Riehl of Riehl World View is not happy with how Google ranks some of its searches:

For the longest time now, if you place the term Natalee Holloway into Google – the first link up has been to a Kuroshin article entitled “[email protected] Natalee Holloway”.

If someone is paying their own way on the Internet and not breaking the law, I don’t support censorship and Kuroshin is free to write or host whatever they want. I have no complaint with their site and have been seeing the link forever.

But given that Google has a reasonable amount of control over their search mechanisms and subsequent results – there’s simply no excuse for the same old tired, insulting and, frankly vulgar link to be sitting at the top for every school kid who might do a search on Natalee Holloway without safe search on.

I don’t care how someone feels about the issue – whether it is over-covered, or not – that’s a fair point. But there is absolutely no reason for what is now a Major Public American corporation to continue a situation potentially so insulting to many Americans for so long.

He has contact information for Google, incidentally.

Confederate Yankee has some related thoughts, in a post titled, “My One and Only Post About Natalee Holloway“–and with a little luck, this post is likely to be mine as well.