"Patent-Leather Hegemony"

Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer and associate editor of Townhall.com explains what should be obvious to the Washington Post:

If you’re a mom taking two young children to the White House, you’d want your children in their very best clothes–perhaps even one step above their Sunday Best for the MOST IMPORTANT NIGHT in the family’s life to date.

It seems to me that Mrs. Roberts hit the nail on the head. But we laypeople know nought of what we speak.

Those aren’t cute clothes. They’re just another example of Chimpy McBushitler’s aristocratic cronies throwing their seersucker-clad affluence in the faces of the masses. This is patent-leather hegemony run rampant! Do not be hypnotized by the “glistening” pageboy and wide blue eyes of global domination.

Perhaps when Robin’s done with the pre-schoolers, she could pick on someone her own size– someone like Ralph Lauren, whose fall collection included this horror…


The double-standard of the Post is staggering. There’s no way the family of a Supreme Court nominee of a president who’s name is say…Clinton would be raked over the coals by the Post’s Fashion Police as Roberts’ was.

(Via PoliPundit.)


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