Ed Driscoll

Hollywood Asleep

Not surprisingly, given that it’s his industry, Roger L. Simon has some thoughts on why Hollywood’s box office is down this year. Be sure to read the often extremely interesting comments as well underneath.

When my wife and I saw Batman Begins this past weekend, I was surprised at how awful the trailers looked–especially since, if you can’t make the trailers look good, the films that they’re promoting are no doubt even more dreadful.

The trailers I recall seeing included:

  • The Dukes of Hazzard: Yet another bad ’70s remake. Let’s make fun of rednecks!
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: On one level, it must have sounded can’t miss on paper–Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. But have you seen its trailer? It’s Johnny Depp as fey androgynous ’70s rock star as Willy Wonka! Where have you gone Gene Wilder? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
  • The New World: Like Punxsutawney Phil coming out and seeing his shadow–or maybe Bigfoot and Elvis–it’s time for this decade’s Terrence Malick sighting. Now with two-thirds more leftwing guilt over Europe colonizing America and supplanting the Indians Native Americans!
  • Stealth: Artificially intelligent US fighter plane runs amok. It made a better Star Trek episode when it starred Dr. Richard Daystrom and M-5.

    As William Goldman once said, every Oscar night you look back and realize that last year was the worst year in the history of Hollywood. But it’s even more painful to watch a series of trailers for movies yet to be released and wonder…how on earth did these films get greenlighted?