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Nice round-up of links on Deep Throat’s unmasking on Instapundit. Among them, Gregory Scoblete writes:

Maybe it’s a generational thing but this Deep Throat orgy, er, extravaganza is supremely uninteresting. The Washington Post’s wall-to-wall treatment smacks of self love and journalistic hero-worship – a huge media circle jerk, in keeping with the theme.

Maybe they’re indulging in this unseemly spectacle because recent developments have been less kindly to the media establishment: Dan Rather, Eason Jordan, Newsweek, et. al. This is the perfect chance to relive – in Al Bundy-like fashion – the Big One.

And Bill Quick adds:

In other words, one of the most momentous political events of the American 20th century was the result of a turf war. Obviously, Mark Felt had no moral or ethical qualms about Watergate-style break-ins, per se.

Just think – he would probably have set up Watergate itself, if J. Edgar had ordered him to do it.

Exactly. The “Deep Epstein” post on Power Line yesterday was a particularly brillant reminder that President Nixon was brought down not by two intrepid reporters fighting crime like Batman and Robin with Smith-Coronas, but by Capital Hill interoffice political turf wars.