Ed Driscoll

Boy, You're Gonna Carry That Weight

Nice to see California’s legislature is being silly again, in an effort to reduce all of those hernias that high school kids report every year. Ed Morrissey writes:

California has provided yet another Great Moment In Education with the Assembly mandating the length of textbooks for use in its public schools. According to the just-approved AB 756, no textbook used in California public schools can exceed 200 pages.

* * *

Educated people already know that one cannot judge a book by its cover. We thought that the obvious corrolary of notjudging it by its page count would be understood implicitly. I’m sure we’re correct, for most places. The intellect-challenged state capitol in Sacramento appears to be an exception to that rule.

Not surprisingly, Joanne Jacobs and her readers have some thoughts on this.

And hopefully Gov. Schwarzenegger has his veto pen ready.