Ed Driscoll

And The Role Of H. Ross Perot Will Be Played By...

Mickey Kaus believes that John McCain is gonna party like it’s 1991:

McCain doesn’t have to run as a Republican. He can run as a third-party candidate, Perot-style. Isn’t it, in fact, intuitively obvious that that’s what McCain will do, once he’s sufficiently infuriated by his rejection by GOP conservatives? … And he might win. Polls show voters are dissatisfied with both parties, no? Ross Perot got 19 percent of the vote despite being labeled (unfairly or not) as wacky. That’s a good base to start with. … McCain would steal both moderate GOPS and moderate Dems. Suddenly the Republicans would too have to worry about the center, in a way they maybe wouldn’t if they were just running against a Democrat.

So McCain plays the role of Perot. But who’ll play the role of Clinton, hmmmm….?

(Via InstaPundit.)