Ed Driscoll

"We Have Two Wars Going On"

Rush Limbaugh has a great take on how the Newsweek incident came to be:

The media is [the terrorists’] Stradivarius. All they have to do is plant rumors, stories, get them published in local newspapers about how evil and mean US soldiers and troops and prison authorities are — and, bam! The US media will believe it. The US media will report it. It’s beyond question that the militant Islamists in these countries are going to believe it. So you have a dual audience here for the terrorists. This is war, and they know they’re in one. We have two wars going on. We’re at war, the United States with militant Islam, and the US media is at war with George W. Bush — and the US media and the militant Islamists end up unwittingly on the same side, and don’t think for a moment the American people don’t see it. They do.

(Emphasis mine.)