Ed Driscoll

A Bloomberg For Journalists?

Glenn Reynolds links to a St. Louis Dispatch column that begins with a variation on the old “Some of my best friends are” routine, before claiming, “I don’t recall any prewar speeches about delivering democracy to the Middle East.”

Glenn then finds three prominent examples (and there are no doubt others) where President Bush did just that, and adds:

Don’t these guys realize that we have Google?

Given that many have lately been accusing Google of leaning towards the left, it seems that this should be their next market. Just as every stock and bond trader has a Bloomberg on his desk, maybe Google can custom design an interface especially for newspapermen, so that they can fact check themselves–before the public does.

I’m kidding–but not by much. It might take just that for many members of the press to realize that there are search engines and Weblogs they can use before they write their next column.