Ed Driscoll

The Fickle Finger of Food, Revisited

Late last month, we linked to a horrific-sounding story about a human finger found in bowl of chili at a San Jose Wendy’s restaurant.

Today, UPI reports that the woman who discovered it has, what they call, “a history of litigation“:

Police started scrutinizing Anna Ayala, an unemployed janitor who lives in a $500,000 house, after she announced she had found a finger in her Wendy’s food order, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday.

Since going public with the finger March 22, she has hired a personal injury lawyer.

It is not her first experience with suing businesses. In 2000 she sued a San Jose car dealer, the General Motors Corp. and the Goodyear Tire Corp., saying she was severely injured after a front tire fell off her GMC Sierra sport utility vehicle as she drove it in 1999.

A judge later dismissed the case, but not before Ayala repeatedly changed lawyers.

Also in 1999, Ayala filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a San Jose newspaper claiming a man who worked there exposed himself to her the first day she began work as a receptionist. She got an out-of-court settlement in 2002.

Bay area court records indicate she has been involved in at least half a dozen other such cases, the Chronicle reported.

Confucius say, when you cry wolf once too many times, you risk being flipped the finger when you claim you found a finger.

Or something like that!