Ed Driscoll

Politically Correct Insanity

Speaking of the destruction of language, amazing, isn’t it, how infantile and staggeringly easily offended PC makes people? Check out this item in James Taranto’s “Best of the Web Today“:

Washington state’s Snohomish High School suspended senior Justin Patrick for wearing a T-shirt that said “SNOHOS,” an abbreviation for “Snohomish” that appears on the schools own Web site (last item). The Seattle Times explains why:

School officials say “Snohos” contains a slang term for prostitutes and is derogatory toward women.

“As a woman, I am sure that you can appreciate our desire in Snohomish to maintain respect for all members of our community, especially our young women, and to not allow the abbreviated form of our school name to be used to reference them as ‘ho’s,’ ” said district spokeswoman Shannon Parthemer, in response to an e-mail query about the suspension.

Using liberal use of text bolding, Taranto quips:

Well, those are some pretty good points. Some will call Parthemer a hostage to political correctness, but we say she deserves hosannas for her efforts to make the Snohomish environment less hostile and more hospitable.

Well, now we know why the left wants to outlaw Santa Claus: all those ho ho ho’s!