A "Recreational Option"?!

Someone needs to tell Malloch Brown, the UN chief of staff, that rape is not “a recreational option” for the boys in the baby blue helmets:

In our case, our very underfunded peacekeeping missions, with soldiers stitched together from Bangladesh, Jordan, many other different countries, all under their own different commands and without the resources to give them the other recreational options, that the standards of behavior have not been modernized in the same way that has happened with the American or the British military, and we’ve now got to tackle that. (emphasis added)


As Betsy Newmark writes, “Ye Gods, repeat after me. ‘Rape is not a recreational option.’ It is a crime. Got that?”

It sounds like something Bart Simpson will be writing a 100 times on a blackboard when he hits puberty. Maybe the UN’s chief of staff should, as well.

Meanwhile, Lance Frizzell, a Tennessee National Guard medical platoon leader currently stationed in Iraq has photographs of numerous good reasons to keep UN “peacekeepers” out of there:

I would hope we never allow UN “troops” around these innocents. It is tragic that our tax dollars fund the despicable, savage behavior chronicled here, here and here. Perhaps the saddest part is that this is the norm for UN “soldiers” wherever they go.

Indeed, as the man who first linked to Frizzell would say.

Update: More here.


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