Ed Driscoll

The Bad News Bears

Betting against your country should be a bad thing, but it’s become routine for the left. Here are three items in the past two days that illustrate it in action.

First up, Larry Kudlow on the New York Times and the economy:

When the weaker-than-expected preliminary report on gross domestic product was first published in late January, the New York Times featured a story about it on the front page of its Saturday morning business section. The author was left-of-center Louis Uchitelle, a reporter who groused in his story about soft business investment (outside of computers and software) as well as weak export sales to foreign countries.

A month later, however, we have the revision of the GDP report for the last three months of 2004. The new data show a much stronger economy.

The initial estimate of 3.1 percent GDP growth for last year