Ed Driscoll

75 Percent of Americans Will Skip Oscars

Back when perennial Oscar bridesmaid Bob Hope used to host the show, he’d quip, “Welcome to the Academy Awards–or as it’s known at my house, Passover.”

The Oscars aren’t passing over Hope anymore–he’s gone on to the great back nine in the sky, and increasingly, we’re the ones doing the passing over, via our remote controls.

Found via PoliPundit, John Zogby claims that only one in four Americans will watch the Oscars tonight:

Oscar-viewing habits do have a lot to do with where a respondent lives, and where they line up politically. While four-in-ten (39%) Democrats say they will watch the Oscars, this drops to one-in-eight (13%) among Republicans. Unsurprisingly, political independents split the difference, with 22% planning to view the awards show.

“The Republican/Democrat split really isn’t shocking,” pollster John Zogby said. “This is the time when Hollywood liberals shine