Ed Driscoll

Shark Jumping Caught In Mid-Flight

As Anne Applebaum once wrote about a completely different subject, “Sometimes in the course of a great American debate there comes a moment when the big battle guns fall silent, the pundits run out of breath, and — unexpectedly — the long, bitter argument suddenly turns into farce”.

This is one of those moments: replying to the cute but harmless idea of wearing purple ink on one’s fingers to show solidarity with brave Iraqi voters, Air America’s Janeane Garofalo issues a little symbolism of her own: the Nazi “Zieg Heil” one-armed salute.

Peter Robinson wrote yesterday that:

The Left is no longer in the position of mocking George W. Bush alone. To go on insisting that Iraq represents a debacle, they must mock human courage itself.

Many seem to have no problem doing just that.

Update: Ironically, given Ms. Garofalo’s profession, the quote of the day on the Internet Movie Database homepage is:

Neutrality does not exist in the face of murder. Doing nothing to stop it is, in fact, choosing. It is not being neutral.

It’s from this film, incidentally.