Ed Driscoll

Burn, Baby, Burn; Run Arnold Run

Katherine Mangu-Ward has a lot of fun reviewing The Discovery Channel’s Pompeii: The Last Day, which airs this Sunday.

Also airing this Sunday is See Arnold Run, which A&E has been advertising on National Review, InstaPundit, and other conservative, or conservative-friendly sites.

Cathy Seipp says that “It goes down easy, just like a lollipop”, and its content has just as much nutrional value. “If you spent the recall sitting slack-jawed in front of some computer game instead of reading about the adventures of Arnold and company, you’ll probably learn something from the movie.”:

But you wouldn’t have any notion that the recall involved issues other than possible groping and some vague glitches in the California dream. For the record, I’m pleased that Arnold won; or at least, pleased that Gray Davis is out. But I voted for Tom McClintock, who (unlike Arianna) was a serious candidate, got a respectable number of votes, and (also unlike Arianna) concerned himself during a state campaign with state issues, not foreign policy.

You wouldn’t have any idea from See Arnold Run that McClintock was even in the race, though. He doesn’t appear in the film, although someone playing Gary Coleman does. Gray Davis himself is only here for a moment, when Prochnow-as-Scharzenegger sees him on TV and mutters, “I’m bigger, stronger, greater!” Perfectly true, as it turned out. But there was more to the recall than that.

So the fall of Pompeii or the rise of the Terminator.

Either way, it’s something to watch while waiting for next Sunday…

Update: This also sounds like quality Sunday viewing.