Ed Driscoll

Sharp Dressed Dan

Like a Hasbro GI Joe action figure, Dan Rather comes equipped with a variety of outfits for overseas duty. Here’s a classic from 2002. Here’s his latest.


I realize that all men–even anchormen–are innocent until proven guilty, but doesn’t CBS have somebody else they could send while we’re breathlessly awaiting the results of their “weeks not months” report on RathGate?

Of course, there’s another biproduct of Dan’s choice of togs, as Jim Geraghty writes:

If the goal was to achieve maximum irony by placing one of Bush’s most high-profile critics in the garb and location that his critics found most objectionable… “Mission Accomplished!”


Update: I’m only about a month late on this Matt Welch piece on Diamond Dan the Newsman, but this post seems like a good place to hang it off of.

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