Glenn Reynolds explains that Democratic Underground is not a Weblog to the “Paper of Record”, and asks, “Is the NYT going out of its way to try to make blogs look bad, or are their reporters just that clueless?”


I suppose it works in reverse, too. Last month, when I did my top ten Blogosphere moments for Tech Central Station I was careful to credit Free Republic for launching RatherGate, before devoting most of my copy to the Blogs who advanced the story, since my piece was about, you know, Weblogs.

Some of the Freepers however, were miffed that I didn’t give them more coverage. But as I said, my piece was about Weblogs, specifically, not the ‘Net in general. (I wonder if they saw my post about election night, where I went out of my way to praise them.)

Thanks to RatherGate and Time magazine dubbing Power LineBlog of the Year“, the Blogosphere is the Internet’s Flavor of the Month. I wonder if there will be additional examples of “Blogger-Creep” either to ride that wave, or to discredit the Boys in the ‘Sphere.

(Say, now there’s a name for a group Blog…)


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