Ed Is The World, Ed Is The Children

If you’re in an ’80s sort of mood, put on your Wayfarers and roll up the sleeves of your unconstructed linen sportscoat, and check out my article on the Live Aid concert and its aftermath over at the Weekly Standard.


It goes nicely with (and in fact was inspired by) the recently released ten hour DVD of the event–which makes a great Christmas gift!

Update: Power Line’s Scott Johnson (AKA “The Big Trunk”) writes:

Ed’s companion post linking to his Standard Online column is “Ed is the world, Ed is the children.” Ed’s post makes me wonder if there is any one of us at Power Line who might be able to fill Ed’s shoes in the event of an emergency. I’ll meditate on that over the weekend.

What can I say? I got very silly when I wrote that headline. Maybe I should try mending my ways Monty Python style:

“The BBC would like to apologize to everyone in the world for that last headline. It was disgusting and bad and thoroughly disobedient and please don’t bother to phone up because we know it was very tasteless, but Ed didn’t really mean it and he comes from a broken home and has a very unhappy personal life. Anyway, he


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