New Puritans Hurting McDonald's Sales

Well, at least by a couple of bucks.

Yesterday, while my wife and I were out buying decorations for our Christmas tree, we drove through the local McDonald’s drive-through for a couple of quick Diet Cokes.


I noticed my large drink wasn’t as large as it used to be.

I thought they simply screwed up our order. The kids at the drive through are just that: kids, and they make mistakes.

Or maybe it wasn’t. But just for fun, I thought I’d find out.

So today, while doing more Christmas shopping, I went back to the same drive-through and asked for “a Super-Sized Diet Coke”.

The clerk on the other end of the microphone told me that “McDonald’s doesn’t do Super Size anymore“.

There was nobody behind us, so I said “No thanks”, and left. We’re weren’t “Lovin’ it”. So that’s about $3.75 or so that McDonald’s lost, thanks, I guess to Morgan Sporlock. And the evidence is overwhelming: new puritanism and political correctness kills business.

Three bucks worth, at least. But hey, maybe more: wonder if the local Burger King still serves large beverages?


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