Ed Driscoll

Report: Jerry Orbach Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Even after I pretty much gave up my addiction with Law & Order, I’d still tune-in from time to time to watch Jerry Orbach do his thing. It must have been largely rote acting work for a guy who’s career originally consisted of singing and hoofing on Broadway, but he was always fun to watch. And I’ll be sure to catch an episode or two of Law & Order: Trial by Jury, the spin-off series that he, Bebe Neuwirth and Candice Bergen will be starring in next year. (And I’m sure to conclude, just as I did with L&O, that it’s just more of the same PC policework. And just how did NBC become the L&O spin-off assembly line, anyhow??)

Orbach was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer according to AP; but according to his manager and producer Dick Wolf, he’s making a swift recovery and will continue with the show.