YEAARGH!!! He's Perfect!

CBS News has an article titled, “Howard Dean considering bid to chair Democratic Party“.

Of course! After losing the presidential election by three million votes, let’s nominate a guy who won one state in the primaries: his home state of Vermont, and that only after he had bowed out of the race with a mighty YEAAAARGHHH!!!!


Incidentally, I’m not a real Dean hater. Despite his voodoo chile freak-out scream back in January, there’s something kind of likeable about the guy–and as, I think Mark Steyn wrote (but I can’t find the exact quote), Dean was somewhat of a moderate trying to pass himself off as a wild-eyed leftist; Kerry was a wild-eyed leftist trying to pass himself off as a moderate.

On the other hand, quotes like this and this don’t demonstrate much of a sensitivity towards the moderate middle. We’re I a Democrat, I’m just not sure if I’d want Dean to lead the efforts to rebuild my party.)

Update: Found the quote–it was by Steyn, and it does involve Dean, but the second half of the equation wasn’t Kerry, it was Wesley Clark:

But this is no time for a Democratic candidate who feels your pain. Democratic activists want someone who feels their anger, and Mad How the mad cow was pretty much invented by the somnolent Gov. Dean to fit that bill.

So I would say Howard Dean is a sane man pretending to be crazy. Whereas Mr. Clark gives every indication of a crazy man pretending to be sane.


“Heh” comes to mind–but I hate having to write the royalty checks out to Glenn Reynolds whenever I use it…


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