RDS: Rove Derangement Syndrome

Charles Krauthammer coined the term “BDS” for Bush Derangement Syndrome, a debilitating mental condition that transforms otherwise perceptive, intelligent people into drooling, raving lunatics when talking or writing about President Bush.


For the next few weeks, watch for a spin-off: Rove Derangement Syndrome, as otherwise intelligent people absolutely crack-up while discussing the president’s chief campaign consultant.

Incidentally, note that the author uses the legacy media mantra of “the Swift Boat Veterans’ now totally discredited version of John Kerry’s Vietnam service”. Totally? Prove it.

(Via PoliPundit.)

Update: Jazz Shaw, who calls himself “The Reluctant Republican”, writes that I think that Rove is “peachy“. Let’s just say that I’m happy that President Bush was re-elected, and that I think that Rove is certainly no worse in the pantheon of political consultants than James Carville, who was lionized by the media for helping return a Democratic president to the promised land, after 12 years of Presidents Reagan and Bush. Carville had to make a minor recession after seven years of continuous growth seem like it was the second coming of soup lines and Hoovervilles in order to get Bill Clinton over the top. If that’s acceptable to the press (and they were eager and gleeful to help), then we shouldn’t be seeing wild-eyed freak-out Rove-is-the-anti-Christ articles such as the one I linked to above for his helping get Bush #43 re-elected.


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