Ed Driscoll

Hey, I Thought The Left Was Anti-Gun

WBIR, Knoxville TN’s NBC affiliate reports, “Shots fired into Knox Bush/Cheney headquarters“. A month ago, shots were fired into the GOP HQ in Huntington, West Virginia.

Yesterday, a Wisconsin Republican reported a swastika carved into his front lawn with pesticides.

No wonder Bush supporters are reluctant to put bumper stickers on their cars.

Update: An NROKerry Spot” reader asks, “Ya think Kerry would vote for body armor for these campaign workers?” Meanwhile, Glenn Reynolds blames Michael Moore.

Another Update: Glenn has photos of the Bush-Cheney office in Knoxville.

And I almost forgot about the Watergate-style break-in to the Republicans’ HQ in Seattle last week.

Timothy Goddard, via the Brothers Judd, has a suggested commercial for President Bush that would put all of this–and the CBS forged documents–into perspective.

It won’t happen, but Glenn Reynolds, in his photo-blogging post linked to above, writes, “Perhaps tonight someone should ask John Edwards how he feels about such violent behavior.”

K-Spot Update: Jim Geraghty links to a report that a group of protestors trashed the Bush-Cheney Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. As Geraghty writes:

For weeks, the most extreme voices on the left have been shouting as loudly as they can that Republicans are evil and that Bush