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Shop at Amazon.comHi I’m actor Troy McClure. You might remember me from such automated information kiosks as “Welcome to Springfield Airport” and “Where’s Nordstrom?”.


No, wait a second. Hi, I’m Ed Driscoll. You might remember me from my Weblog. Sorry to have not had some updates for a couple of days, especially with all the excitement of Dan Rather’s ongoing implosion. As Jonah wrote:

I love the CBS News forged-document story. To paraphrase the abominable snowman from the Bugs Bunny cartoons, I want to hug it and squeeze it and name it George. Okay, I don’t want to name it George, but you get my drift. If this story were hot fudge, I would smear it all over my body and then roll around in nougat.

While blogging is obviously best done in pajamas, it’s still good-ole dead tree publications that pay for them, and I’ve had several articles due simultaneously for them these past couple of weeks, and a few more due before the month is out.

So while I’ll keep posting my share of tasty pajama-driven bloggity nougat (or something like that), for next couple of weeks or so, things may be a bit slow around here.

Courage. (Sorry! Ccouldn’t resist.)

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