Ed Driscoll

Ed Makes The Wall Street Journal

A very big thanks to Glenn Reynolds, who mentioned me in his Wall Street Journal article today, titled, “Godzilla vs. the ‘Blogosphere’:

As blogger Ed Driscoll noted, the Kerry media strategy was geared to the media environment of 1972, where the refusal to carry the story of a few big outlets chummy with the campaign would have been enough to keep things quiet. That didn’t work, as the new media were enough to neutralize the media advantage that Kerry’s strategy was built around. And that’s quite a feat: Unlike the blogosphere’s role in toppling Trent Lott, the Cambodia revelations happened not in the face of big media laziness, but in the face of active big-media opposition. (Even now, newspapermen like the Star Tribune’s Jim Boyd are criticizing bloggers for covering the story, though without admitting that the bloggers had the facts on their side.)

The item that Glenn’s referring to can be found here.

The Wall Street Journal today, National Review Online yesterday (it’s nice to back there, incidentally, if only for a post)–it’s not easy being a media icon!

(It’s also not easy being a working journalist: sorry for the lack of posts today, but obviously, the blog has to take a back seat to paying gigs. I was in San Francisco doing in-the-field product reviews for a well-known computer magazine. I’ll let you know more when that piece runs.)