Ed Driscoll

Who's Your Daddy?

Paul Mirengoff of Power Line writes:

Senator Kerry is basically pleading with President Bush to protect him from attacks by his band of brothers. In a sense, he’s running to daddy, who also happens to be his opponent in a race to determine who will be in charge of defending America. (Am I the only who hears echoes of Kerry’s approach to the war on terror — run to the French and Germans for help — here?)

What’s even more damning is Ann Althouse’s suggestion that Kerry’s people “convinced each other that what they wanted to believe was true, and, as a consequence they never had a plan for how to deal with the attacks that they should have known were there.”

Which seems preposterous at first glance: given the senator’s background (four months in-country, followed by a decade–much of which was spent as a sailor in the Navy Reserves–of denouncing his fellow servicemen for “killing women and children“) that he–or at least his handlers–had to know attacks such as those by the Swift Boat Vets were coming.

And yet, Kerry and his enablers in the press have been so flustered, that Althouse’s conclusion has to be true: “they never had a plan to deal with the attacks that they should have known were there”.

And this is somebody who wants the nation to believe he’s fit to defend the country during a time of war?