Ed Driscoll

Prescient Andrew Sullivan Quote From 2003

Over a year ago, when Kerry was part of a somewhat indistinguishable pack trailing behind Howard Dean in the primaries, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

The one thing that knowledgeable people have told me about John Kerry is that he doesn’t know when to stop. He has no controlling mechanism when he goes on the attack.

Watching the Kerry camp go ballistic over the Swift Boat Vets, I can’t help but think they’re badly overplaying their hand: first the allegations that there are ties to President Bush (gee, ex-military men who are Republicans. There’s a shock!), then the attempt to get Unfit For Command banned, and now the latest flash on The Drudge Report: “Kerry Files FEC Complaint Over Swift Boat Vet Ads”.

All Kerry’s doing is making these guys look all the more credible in the eyes of undecided voters and driving traffic to their ads. Doesn’t he know that?