Ed Driscoll

"Ich Bin Ein Outta Here"

Will Collier and the commenters at Vodkapundit have some thoughts on President Bush’s decision to pull US troops out of Germany.

The best analogy of Europe that I’ve seen, was the one that Jonah Goldberg wrote a couple of years ago. After World War II, they collectively went from being world leaders to the equivilent of kids on a college campus. And guess who the headmaster is:

By taking their defense for granted for so long, too many of our allies believe that talk can get them everything they need. Like the kid living off his Chevron card, they’ve come to believe the world is like a giant college campus, where conflicts may erupt in the form of debates and shouting matches but violence is simply “against the rules,” and where being asked to pay your own way in the world seems an absurd injustice.

President Bush’s decision and the whining of “Old Europe” only reinforces that.

And of course, the Kerry camp is questioning the timing of the President’s decision. But that’s been their favorite phrase this year, hasn’t it?