Ed Driscoll

Kerry's Fashion Mart, Redux

Scott W. Johnson of Power Line looks at “the honor accorded Al Sharpton and other notorious anti-Semites” in the modern Democratic Party:

The Democratic Party has long foregone the reckoning that it is due with [Jesse] Jackson. But Jackson is ancient history; Sharpton and [Cynthia] McKinney are the future of the party. Since her triumph in the recent Democratic primary, McKinney now stands poised to retake her congressional seat.

Read the whole thing, and the article that Scott links to, which makes this important point:

Outside of the Islamic world, the anti-Semitic upsurge of recent years is mainly a left-wing phenomenon. It is therefore not surprising that it should have brought the Democratic Party, more swiftly than the Republicans, to that dark and bloody crossroads where politics and conscience collide.

(Emphasis mine.)

The “dark and bloody crossroads where politics and conscience collide” is getting even darker in Europe, where 50 Jewish university students from Israel, the U.S. and Poland were recently attacked–at Auschwitz.

Update: I’ve been meaning to post Suzanne Fields’ essay on Senator Kerry’s flip-flops on Israel, and this seems like a good place to do it, along with devastating contrast to the senator from a follow-up post at Power Line. In September of last year, President Bush spoke to Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg and select members of St. Paul, Minnesota’s Temple of Aaron. Rabbi Ginsburg is quoted as saying:

I told [President Bush] a story that I told over Rosh Hashanah about an elderly volunteer for an Israel organization who said that his passion for volunteering for Israel was driven by the fact that he had been part of a l iberating group at at one of the concentration camps. An inmate came up to him and saw his name tag and saw that he was Jewish, and said, ‘Are you Jewish?’ in Yiddish. Expecting a hug from this recently freed inmate, the soldier said, ‘Yes.’ Instead of a hug, he got a slap, and the former inmate said ‘You’re too late.’

“The President looked at me in the eye and said, ‘Part of my job is to make sure we’ll never be too late.’

Obviously, read the whole thing.