Ed Driscoll

Semper Fi!

As the Professor writes, Senator Kerry’s attempt at a photo-op with a couple of young marines at a New York State Wendy’s restaurant backfires–badly.

(Really badly.)

And Kerry doesn’t do himself any good being photographed poking his index finger into a Marine’s chest. (“Greyhawk” of The Mudville Gazette, a soldier himself, writes, “unless three fingers is enough for you, don’t try this at your local Wendy’s”. And especially don’t try it on your local Marine!)

Funny how the mainstream media never mentions what the average soldier thinks of Kerry, his would be commander-in-chief (I hear he’s an ex-soldier too. Kerry served in Vietnam, but he rarely mentions it these days). You’d think that with a nation simultaneously at war and deciding on a president, that would be, you know, news.

Update: Score one for the Washington Post, who reported the incident with the Marines.

Another Update: Hugh Hewitt adds:

Bottom line: This is how the overwhelming number active duty military in this country feel about the Democratic Party and its Michael Moore-loving elites. Clip and save and reread when you hear Kerry-Edwards talking about how they will strengthen the military. The would-be commander-in-chief doesn’t have the respect of the men and women he seeks to command. George W. Bush does. So whose judgment do you trust when it comes to which man is better equipped to lead the military and guide the war? The active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, or John Kerry’s band of brothers?

Kerry’s band of brothers? You mean these two guys?

The Other Another Update: Hewitt links to a news article which polled current and retired military to discover (surprise) the majority prefer Bush over Kerry.

The Return of The Son of Shut Up And Play Your Update:“You know, after all that hullabaloo over the ‘fake turkey,’ I wonder if anyone’s going to pick up on this…” I think Evan Thomas of Newsweek would probably say no.