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Andrew Sullivan Goes Wobbly

Check out these various posts and articles by Andrew Sullivan on John Kerry.

And this is who Sullivan is endorsing for president? Not only that, but Sullivan now writes that “Kerry may be the right man — and the conservative choice — for a difficult and perilous time”.

Kerry and conservative in the same sentence?? A guy who sold out his own fellow soldiers while in the Navy Reserves? Who continually voted against modernizing the military? Mr. radical chic himself? Whose ticket is called liberal by both high-ranking Republicans and Democrats?

As Charles Johnson writes:

It’s a disappointment to see Sullivan get all sloppy drunk on the Abu Ghraib torture-flavored Koolaid, not to mention the almost stereotypical leftist accusation of an American intelligence debacle—when the intelligence services of every major Western power came to the same conclusions about Saddam’s weapons.Sullivan has completed his reversion to a September 10 mindset. He thinks the hard work is done, that the worst is over.

But the jihad continues. It’s sad that one of the first to identify and write coherently about the ideology of Islamofascism has become so complacent.

Of course, lots of people saw this coming, as early as March.Meanwhile, Steve Green (no blind follower of President Bush, but a staunch believer in the war on Islamofascism) runs roughshod over Sullivan’s essay, doing something that no kids should try at home: Aggressively Fisking Andrew Sullivan.

Update: Power Line and Michelle Malkin also have some thoughts.

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