Ed Driscoll

Ricky Williams Retiring?!

There must be a harmonic convergence in the air, or a disturbance in the pants force tonight.

First, the New York Times finally admits the bloody obvious: their liberal bias.

Second, Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins announces he’s retiring.

(If you hadn’t heard already, I’ll give you a minute for your jaw to return from the floor.)

It’s been a while since we’ve done any NFL blogging, but with training camps about to begin, this seems like an apt story to resume with.

The Miami Herald (registration required) apparently broke the news, and as they admit, Williams has always been “different”–a blithe spirit among relentless gridiron warriors. And like Barry Sanders, they report that Williams is calling it a day with a whole lot of gas left in the tank.

Normally the Dolphins wait until December for their otherwise pretty good seasons to collapse. If this story holds up, it looks like they’re starting their swoon early this year.