Ed Driscoll

In The Mail Today

While The Professor was receiving a review copy of Hugh Hewitt’s new book (Hugh–email me–I’d be happy to review it!), I recieved review copies of The Adventures of Mixerman and Roger Craig’s Tales of the San Francisco 49ers, a book very much along the lines of Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters’ similar look at the Dallas Cowboys.

Watch for reviews of both titles on Blogcritics!

Incidentally, the self-published Mixerman book is particularly instructive to bloggers: the project began as an online diary that “Mixerman”, an LA recording engineer kept of his latest project–the recording of a hotshot hard rock group. It wouldn’t be hard at all for a blogger who specializes in long-form entries (ala Steven Den Beste or James Lileks) to turn those entries into a self-published book as Mixerman did.