“LET AMERICA BE AMERICA”: Andrew Sullivan has the goods on John Kerry’s favorite poet:

Now I know Kerry is a liberal, but does he really want to cite a man who wanted to abolish private property and loved Stalin? Again, the right-left double standard. If a fascist poet in 1938 had called to remake a pure racial America on the lines of Hitler’s Germany, would he now be quoted by any leading politician? But the communists get a pass. Again. And again. And again.


Of course, as the Professor writes, Kerry doesn’t need to vet this sort of stuff, “if you’re reasonably confident the press won’t call you on ’em”.

Oh–and scroll up to Sullivan’s next post, for some harsh words for Ted Rall’s latest cartoon abortion.

UPDATE: James Panero of The New Criterion also has some thoughts, on what he calls “That ’30s Show“.


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