Ed Driscoll


HEAR IT FROM THE MARINES, who aren’t happy with The Washington Post’s coverage of the events in Iraq.

And then add to the list:

  • CNN’s admission that they were in bed with Saddam.
  • Time’s duplicitous coverage.
  • Dr. Bob Arnot leaving NBC because he was unhappy with how they slanted stories coming out of Iraq.
  • Reuters’ refusal to call terrorists what they are.
  • AP being in bed with terrorists.
  • The New York Times’ tactics when the 9/11 Commission verified Saddam’s connection with al-Qaida.
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    Not pretty, is it?

    UPDATE: Steve Den Beste analyzes bias, Saddam’s trial and Bush Derangement Syndrome. Needless to say, RTWT.

    ONE MORE UPDATE: Oh and add to the list Tom Brokaw “correcting” then-incoming Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi when Allawi suggested Saddam was connected to al-Qaeda.

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