REMEMBER THE SCANDAL AN ATLANTA NEWSPAPER CAUSED IN 1946 when during the Nuremberg Trials, it ran a headline that said, “GOERING: ‘THE REAL CRIMINAL IS TRUMAN!'”?


Of course not–it never happened. But Will Collier (who’s on a roll today!) notes:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution leads its homepage today with: “Saddam: The Real Criminal Is Bush.”

Yeah. That’s the most important thing that happened in the courtroom. Mmm hmm.

Nope, no media bias there. Nothing to see, move along!

SILLY UPDATE: I’m confused: when did Saddam start looking like Victor French?

SERIOUS UPDATE: James Lileks writes that “What matters most now is adopting the correct cynical pose” about Saddam’s trial. Because clearly, the fact that Saddam Hussein is being tried by the very people he mercilessly ruled over for a generation can’t be a clear and obvious positive event. If it were, George W. Bush would get the credit for it, and we can’t have that, of course. Based on the Lileks Template, it appears that the Journal-Constitution is using the Template Code labeled D-with a little of Template Code F thrown in as well.

FLASHBACK: To see how blase the world viewed the capture of Saddam (alive, needless to say, unlike the vast majority of previous despots when their regimes came to an end) click here, keep scrolling down.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Via Instapundit, Arthur Chrenkoff looks at the media’s pro-Saddam spin machine.


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