Ed Driscoll


Al Gore has harsh words for anyone with an (R) to the right of his or her name, and thinks that Iraq is a “catastrophe“.

His running mate in the 2000 elections thinks differently.

Will any reporter ask either man why he thinks his counterpart’s view is so bi-polar?

UPDATE: Actually, I agree with Gore on Iraq. Especially when he says things like this:

”We need national resolve and unity, not weakness and division when we are engaged in an action against someone like Saddam Hussein,” the vice president said on CNN’s Larry King Live.

Wired for a round-robin of live interviews with five network TV anchors, Gore blanketed the airwaves with a prediction that critics of the president’s decision to strike Iraq would change their opinion as they learned more about the situation and received more information from military leaders. ”This action is the correct action,” he said.

Whoops–that was in 1998. Nevermind. The press certainly doesn’t.