Ed Driscoll


RADICAL CHIC GOES THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: The peasants are revolting–and worse, they’re talking out of turn at Manhattan dinner parties! And–heaven forbid–upsetting Tina Brown!

For more on Brown–who “favors a more metrosexual approach to foreign relations” (yes, she actually wrote that), click here. And also here, to read of the “neocons of the ’30s [who] bitterly reviled FDR as ‘that man””–40 years before neoconservatives came into existence.

Last year, Mickey Kaus coined the term “the liberal cocoon”, and Mark Steyn ran with it. The New York Times, and to a lesser extent, The Washington Post, which runs Brown’s column, exist to keep everyone happy within the cocoon. But sometimes reality intrudes, no matter how carefully one plans the cocktail parties.

UPDATE: Brown’s article has given us…the Ultimate Kerry Bumpersticker!