Ed Driscoll


PAT TILLMAN DIED YESTERDAY: The former Arizona Cardinals safety was killed in Afghanistan. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo’s sports section writes:

Tillman isn’t a hero for dying, but for living. For putting his morals where his mouth was and not just enlisting, but doing it in the most humble and honorable way.

When he and his brother arrived at Georgia’s Fort Benning to begin their training in July 2002 he “came in like everyone else, on a bus from a processing station,” the base’s public information officer said then. Tillman promptly turned down hundreds of requests for interviews and went about anonymously being a soldier.

No press. No fanfare. No “look at me” publicity stunts.

His move shocked professional sports, populated by so many of our most able-bodied Americans. Tillman was the only one to enlist from the NFL, which is fine