Ed Driscoll


QUOTE OF THE DAY comes from a reader of James Taranto’s “Best of the Web Today“. Taranto sets it up by writing:

Somewhat surreally, the bombing, on the semianniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, comes as one of the major American political parties has just nominated a presidential candidate who believes terrorism is principally a law-enforcement matter rather than a war. Reader Andrew Fox pithily puts things in perspective:

Maybe we can send Spain some state troopers or something to help them clean up the mess. Maybe a team of FBI agents to plot trajectories, determine chemical compositions and give the Spanish national police force lessons on how not to profile ethnically.

Or we could tell them that the 101st Airborne Division will remember their families, too, when the time comes to deliver justice.

Amen to that.

Taranto also has several links concerning the bombing, Reuters’ unending equivocating bobs and weaves, and Susan Lindauer.