Ed Driscoll


ONE OF THE BENEFITS OF A REPUBLICAN-LED SENATE is that it will stand-up for the controversial issues where the opinions of the majority of working Americans differ from the liberal elites of both coasts. Such as this vote today.


Bush would be very, very wise to veto this mess, if he wishes to keep his base fired up.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds writes, “More likely the bill will just die”.

ANOTHER UPDATE: If I’m reading this article correctly, it’s dead, Jim.

ONE MORE UPDATE: “Back to square one on protecting the gun makers from abusive litigation. But look out, Sens. Schumer and Feinstein. Unless you’re able to work some kind of miracle between now and September, the Clinton gun ban will sunset. The world will not come to an end, crime will not skyrocket, and the nation will see that that particular gun control law was worth nothing”.

ONE MORE, ONE MORE UPDATE: “Despite it being the single most important day of the primary season, both John Kerry-Who-BTW-Served-In-Vietnam and John Edwards shuttled in for the vote. The pro-gun control votes they cast today are the first votes either has actually bothered to participate in so far this year”.