Ed Driscoll


Check out this headline:

Laura Bush Says Gay Marriage ‘Shocking’

Geez, can you say “misleading”? I knew that you could. Here’s what the body of the article quotes Mrs. Bush as actually saying:

Laura Bush says gay marriages are “a very, very shocking issue” for some people, a subject that should be debated by Americans rather than settled by a Massachusetts court or the mayor of San Francisco.

Asked how she feels about the issue personally, Mrs. Bush replies: “Let’s just leave it at that.”

So at worst, she punts on the issue. But that’s a far, far cry from “Laura Bush Says Gay Marriage ‘Shocking'”.

As the Professor wrote about a different AP article, “This is unusually transparent partisanship, even by the not-very-demanding standards of Big Media in an election year. The good news is that it is transparent.”

UPDATE: Columbia Journalism Review has more.