Ed Driscoll


“THE MEDIA IS THE ENEMY”: Heard Rep. Peter King (R-NY) utter that phrase on the Laura Ingraham show while I was in the car just now, and he’s certainly got a point. Thank God there’s information available on the War on Terror from sources other than the traditional media. On the other hand, as Ingraham noted, this was the same media that was out to bury Reagan, and he managed to do a pretty good job of going around them to get his message out.

But when you look at stories like <a href=”http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=9391_TIME_Hangs_with_Iraqi_Mujahideen“>this and this and this and this and this, (and numerous other examples), unless you’re a full-on Tranzi, it’s hard not to disagree with King’s statement.

UPDATE: No sooner had I posted this, than I read Hugh Hewitt’s take on the disparity between the new and old media’s coverage of the current Kerry scandal. Hewitt writes, “In the age of the internet, blogging and Fox News, however, the glaring inconsistencies of the media’s coverage of its favorites and its foes are quickly noted and absorbed by the public.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds adds, “if this infidelity story were about Bush, with the woman in question out of the country, they’d be running with it in a big way already”.

But of course.