Ed Driscoll


FIGHTING THE LAST WAR, AGAIN: The New York Times reports:

A complacent Saddam Hussein was so convinced that war would be averted or that America would mount only a limited bombing campaign that he deployed the Iraqi military to crush domestic uprisings rather than defend against a ground invasion, according to a classified log of interrogations of captured Iraqi leaders and former officers.

Wouldn’t be the first time Saddam fought the last war.

UPDATE: Orrin Judd, ever the contrarian, writes, “Glancing around the Web and twisting the radio knob you’ll see and hear folks saying that this shows how badly Saddam misjudged us. In fact, his judgment was entirely sound as regards nearly everyone in the West, except for George W. Bush. No wonder though that the President’s radical departure from our previous pusillanimity is paying such dividends from Libya to Pakistan.”